Now Stocking 28-35mm Modern Ruins Terrain and Woodland Scenics Scenery - Brutal Cities Miniature Wargaming Terrain

Now Stocking 28-35mm Modern Ruins Terrain and Woodland Scenics

Lead your troops and fight floor to floor in the new 28-35mm Modern Ruins MDF Terrain!

Necromunda battle in modern 28mm wargaming terrain ruins, night time lighting.

We have just released great new laser cut MDF modern ruins terrain for pre-order - shipping from the 8th August 2022.

Just like the Easy Access Range, the new ruins are designed with gameplay in mind. These realistic kits balance playability and practical concerns - no more stacking multiple fiddly levels that slow down your game. Easily customise your ruins with the placement of the wall panels to fit your environment.

Modern 28mm Ruins Terrain

The two 3 storey ruins (brick version) are seen combined here into one massive long building.

...Or you can place them as separate buildings for more table coverage.

Brutal Cities announces two new massive ruin kits - Modern Ruins. These MDF kits portray a more realistic construction method for modern and sci-fi wargaming, reflecting the actual engineering of modern architecture. You can choose either brick or concrete blocks and prefab concrete as the engraved texture, with 15mm ruins coming later in the year.

Assembly is simple. To make the kits, simply connect the ground floor slab to the lift core pieces and repeat, then slide the columns in. Similar to our Easy Access kits, you don’t need to remove levels during gameplay. The windows and wall pieces and height of the levels (81 mm between floors) give you plenty of space to place miniatures and fit your fingers in the building. And the ruins are narrow enough for easy access all throughout your custom build.

The wall pieces are modular - so you can place the wall sections as you see fit. You could have one side of the building or one of the buildings more intact. The other side could be more damaged with a more open facade.
This kit contains two buildings that can be placed together to form one long ruin. Clear each level and section with your troops! You can also place them on the table as two separate ruins for more coverage, or in an L shape.

Zona Alfa miniature wargame at night. Tabletop setup is an abandoned and ruined overgrown military base in the woods.

 The new ruins are massive - Perfect for games of Necromunda, Zona Alfa or Infinity - or many of the modern setting wargames! Also pictured are the Adamant Range Walls and the Woodland Scenics scenery products.

Brutal Cities Now Stocks Woodland Scenics Scenery Products

The MDF Forest Bases Terrain (40mm) pictured above uses a variety of Woodland Scenics foliage, static grass and flock and tree armatures.

As a hobbyist, you have probably come across Woodland Scenics, but you may not have had much experience with more natural scenery products, like myself.

The high quality products are ideal for people wanting realistic scenery. The products aren’t always as suitablefor wargaming as you’d like, so we tested their range and now stock the most useful products for your tabletop projects.

The main product we were after was a durable tree armature. Basically, it’s a plastic tree that you can easily twist and turn into the sort of tree you’d like, then you can add foliage to them (or not) to match your wargaming tables.

These Woodland Scenics products make creating a Zona Alfa zone, a lush paradise garden world from the Warhammer 40k universe, or a barren wasteland full of dead trees quick and easy.

In a future blog post we’ll go a bit deeper into the different types of foliage you can use for your terrain tables, and break them up for different needs. We will break down the products into a guide to make it easy to pick the products you need, and rate them out of 5 for:
  • Difficulty
  • Fun 
  • Speed / Time to make
  • Price
  • Aesthetics

We also stock some Water effects products by Woodland Scenics to help you create dynamic rivers and water terrain.

Sewerage Treatment Plant MDF Kits 

Want to push your enemies into a vat of acid or sewerage? Enter the new Sewerage Treatment Plant. These kits are inspired by the gameplay in Necromunda, but can be adapted to multiple wargames, like Infinity. Increase the stakes in your game with dangerous terrain. Brutal Cities now stock the resin to use for these kits.

Forest Bases 

A classic easy-to-use MDF forest base with 40mm round sabot bases for creating forests. Combine these with the Woodland Scenics tree armature kits and you have a very playable forest!

The three (rather large) forest bases are designed so they can join together into one larger forest if you want to make a deeper wood or bush. There is an offset around the edge so if you want to use some filler (like cornice cement, which I used) you can smooth out the edge to make the forest base look more natural.

Bulb Gas Storage Rack

This kit contains 2 MDF racks designed to fit Nang/Bulb/Whipped Cream gas chargers. Steel Bulbs not included - This is a good reason to collect nangs you find polluting the streets - turn them into terrain! The holes are 18.4mm diameter - please check to make sure they will fit.


Hobby Accessories

Brutal Cities will be adding some different products to our range that I personally love and use in my own hobby, and I think you will too, including:

Zap A Gap superglue - Medium Ca+ - The classic superglue. Often superglue dries out or the lid gets glued on if you buy large containers so this size is the best value I think!

Badger Stynylrez - The best primer that I have used so far for airbrushing, many of my friends agree!

I painted these great miniatures from Warbound and used this primer to do so :)

(Very) Future(istic) Terrain Coming Soon

In the future we will expand the range on our website to include paint. But before we do that, I have to finish a new very unique terrain range. You can see a Zona Alfa Battle report using these ruins here.

I hope you like the kits - I'll post a new blog guide with useful information if you're not sure which sort of trees or foliage you want for your projects.

I'm also working up an article about architecture and engineering in wargaming Definitely sign up to our email list by clicking here to make sure you don’t miss out on future terrain launches!

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