Karl Makes Stuff livestream & Terrain Showcase!

Karl Makes Stuff livestream & Terrain Showcase!

Hey everyone!

This Sunday morning, 24th March 8am AEDT, Karl Makes Stuff will be doing a live interview with myself (My name is Ryan, I run Brutal Cities). You can head to the youtube link here.

We will be talking terrain (go figure), the hobby, gaming and something a little different that I think might be interesting to some:

I was lucky to have worked on some amazing miniatures for an exhibition a few years ago called Neighbourhood Earth. This involved fixing some damaged NASA miniatures of spacecraft - Including a massive model of the Hubble Telescope, but also, and perhaps more unique: NASA models made from a cast metal alloys of Soviet satellites, including Granat and the Phobos 2 probe.

I haven't talked about it much and sometime I should probably do a blog post about it. (please comment here if you'd like that!)

You can also ask question in the live-stream and Karl may raise them during the stream.

Showcase YOUR Brutal Cities Terrain projects

I would love for you guys to be able to share your work too, so Karl has kindly made a discord link you can join if you'd like to talk about your own Brutal Cities terrain projects. So please join if you've time!


Join the discord here

Thanks for reading and I hope you can join us.

Join the Facebook event here

Warhammer: The Old World Bases & Templates Dropping 22nd March!

In other news,

I'm finally launching our movement trays and adapters for fantasy games such as Warhammer; The Old World!
The release will include some charge markers, lovely acrylic templates and of course, bases and converters so your old fantasy miniatures work with the new base size, so you don't need to convert them.
The edges will feature engraved lines so you know which model is in base to base with which enemy miniature.

Warhammer the old world movement trays

 I'm using the Old World hype to fix up my pile of broken, unfinished undead! I'm going to paint them with a great advanced slap chop technique taught by a local pro painter that you can also try out for yourself on the blog post.

These are the acrylic templates I'm dropping this Friday 22nd! Available in green and pink flouro acrylic. If you want other colours please comment and let me know.


Hope to see you on the livestream 24th March 8am AEDT!
youtube link here.

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