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Woodland Scenics

Woodland Scenics Gray Ballast (bag)

Woodland Scenics Gray Ballast (bag)

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Urban Ruins & Miniature Basing Rubble

Realistically model railroad track ballast, rubble, crushed rock and stones. Easy to use and colorfast. For any scale.

Gray Ballast is an affordable way to base your miniatures with rubble for cityfights and urban ruins in miniature wargames. Perfect for a variety of game settings from WW2, Grimdark Sci-fi setting and anything in between. Use Ballast for adding rubble and debris to your terrain ruins and tables. Use as ballast for model railway projects. The bag contains enough rubble to easily base an entire 40k army.

Product Specifications:

Woodland Scenics Gray Medium Ballast Bag 21.6 cu in (353 cu cm)

Approx 144 grams

40k miniature for scale purposes only

Product Specifications

Weight: 144 g

Terrain Scale:


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