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Infinity Political Graffiti Decals

Infinity Political Graffiti Decals

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Infinity Political Graffiti Decals provides a quick and efficient way to add splashes of character and colour to your wargaming terrain. These high-quality waterside transfers are pre-cut to save you time. These decals are perfect for Infinity the Game and include references to how great Aleph is.

Suited for 28-25mm scale games.

To apply the waterslide decals, first, gloss varnish your desired surface area. Then, roughly cut out your decal using a hobby knife (the rough part will peel off, as the decals are pre-cut). With tweezers, place the decal in water for 1-2 minutes before applying it to the desired area, using a hobby knife to remove the back paper. To finish, dab with a paper towel and apply a matte finish as desired.

This decal set is copyright Antenociti’s Workshop (UK) and printed by Custom Hobby Decals and sold with persmission.

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