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Blood on The Sands | MDF Gladiator Area

Blood on The Sands | MDF Gladiator Area

Blood on the Sands is a historically based tabletop miniatures game of intense gladiatorial combat.
It's an upcoming miniature game under development - you can follow the game here on facebook - and find the quick start rules for free here

This MDF Arena for Blood on the Sands comes features 32mm Hexes, and comes in two options:

  • The minimalist 3mm MDF arena with engraved lines
  • The raised hex version - 3mm MDF base with engraved lines and 1.8mm thick MDF hexes.  You can glue these hexes on top using the engraved lines to guide you.

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terrain scale/s: 32mm

Product Specificiations

weight: 0.22 g

scale/s: 32mm

dimensions: W 295 mm x L 375 mm x H 3 mm

MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Terrain Product Details

Blood on the Sands is a historically
inspired game designed to allow players
to engage in exciting one on one
gladiatorial combats with miniatures.
The ambition for designing Blood on the
Sands was to reproduce the dynamic,
back and forth “dance” of a duel, while
taking into account the balanced
intricacies the Romans placed on the
deadly blood sport. The mechanics
produce narrative combats that move
across the arena, requiring tactics, skill
and some degree of luck on the players’
part, while avoiding the gameplay
devolving into a simple static dice fest.