5 Years of Terrain

@brutalcities I’ve been making warhammer terrain for 5 years now. These are some of my favourite photos capturing the various warhammer terrain designs I’ve made. In one way it doesn’t really seem like a large design output, and I have just hundreds more ideas I want to bring you guys. But I also make and ship the products myself, so I can probably forgive myself for only having so many designs out there. Regarding the terrain designs themselves, I usually try to do something different to what’s already available by other terrain businesses, and put a lot of thought and effort into making really good products that are easy to make and paint. And I also want the terrain designs to stand up to the rigors of actually being played with on people's tabletops, and stored in tubs. I’m still totally obsessed with sci-fi and modern architecture, and these pictures really show that. I’ve made a lot of brutalist inspired designs that suit many different tabletop settings, such as Infinity, warhammer 40k, Horus heresy, modern wargames and cyberpunk tabletop games alike. I really can’t wait to show you guys the next kits once I’ve finished them! Please comment which your favourite timestamp scene was in the comments! #CapCut #warhammer40k #horusheresy #warhammer30k #legionsimperialis #battletech #epic40k #6mmterrain #15mmterrain #infinitythegame #tabeltopgaming ♬ original sound - Brutal Cities