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  • Bundle of 28mm Brutalist MDF wargaming terrain for modern, cyberpunk and sci-fi settings. Pictures show grimey concrete buildings, a hong kong inspired shop, a minimalist office building, a tall data centre tower to block LOS and a massive concrete building with a large stairway.
  • Concrete Brutalist terrain kit with a staircase and grime. Suitable for modern, Sci-fi and cyberpunk settings.Air conditioning on roof and access hatch. Staircase is wide enough to fit 40mm size bases.
  • Office apartment building with details and three levels with removable back
  • Data centre with ladder access, tall tower with inside room and air conditioning units
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Brutal Cities

Neo-Brutalist bundle

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A gorgeous collection of impressive and iconic architecture from the city of Bruteopolis, perfect for sci-fi, cyberpunk and modern settings.

Bundle contains:

  • 1 x The Institute 
  • 1 x Infinity Systems Data Centre
  • 1 x Vantann Office Building
  • 1 x Easy-Aug Shop


These 28-32mm scale laser cut MDF kit are supplied unassembled and unpainted.