Diagram showing the tournament bundle on a 4x4 table
Eternity Labs with scatter terrain and bridges
Stacked eternity lab modules and complete bundle
Eternity modules A, B and C stacked on top of each other
Office tower skyscraper stacked with modular terrain
sci-fi office tower stacked on a 4x4 table

Eternity Labs half table bundle

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This bundle contains enough terrain to fill half a 4' x 4' wargaming table.

Bundle contains:

  • 3 x Eternity Labs module A
  • 4 x Eternity Labs module B
  • 2 x Eternity Labs module C
  • 1 x Eternity Labs ladders
  • 1 x Eternity Labs bridges
  • 1 x planters

We strongly recommend you paint these before assembly due to the thickness of paint. If you paint them first it will be easier to stack the modules.

These MDF models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.