MDF terrain bundle with bunker walls, concrete walls, ruined buildings and 4 story high ruins with ladders
adamant complex with 4 stone walls and a two story high lookout with two ladders
ruined walls with bullet holes and collapsible walls terrain
four concrete walls with view points in the centre
miniature terrain fortress gate with sliding door
concrete miniature terrain wall fortifications with windows
easy stacking 4 story high terrain
L shape tournament terrain with 2 ladders
L shape tournament terrain with 2 ladders

Adamant Table Bundle

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The Adamant Pattern Fortifications are a standardised fortification system developed to effectively provide Bruteopolis with adequate defences in these troubling times™️

This bundle provides enough terrain to cover a table in fortifications. The Adamant L Fortifications provide LOS blocking terrain and can be stacked to hide even titans! 

3 x Adamant L Fortification

2 x Adamant L Fortification - Ruined

1 x Adamant Bunker Walls - Long

1 x Adamant Bunker Walls - Short

2 x Adamant Complex Gates  

1 x Adamant Concrete Walls - Ruined 

Includes 2 x Four way Connectors Contained within kits

Includes 21 x Concrete Barriers contained within kits