Brutal Cities Blog

  • Weathering steel and rust effects paint guide.

    This blog covers two easy techniques to achieve a rust effect for your terrain - The first using an airbrush to build up successive layers of rust colours, and the second using special rust effects paint.

    The metallic paint that rusts uses an acidic solution and a little help from water to create...Real rust! This technique is especially useful for Necromunda and post apocalyptic games like Gaslands, but is easily applicable to all wargames.

  • Hobby Habits - Tips to stay motivated on your terrain or miniatures

    Personally I have not painted much for fun lately, but a friend of mine gave me an audiobook called Atomic Habits - It's about making tiny easy changes to your habits to improve your life or achieve your goals. Here are some easy habit tips for wargamers and hobbyists - so you can get your army painted or terrain done!

  • Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi Tabletop Terrain Poster Files

     We wanted to share some posters for people to use for their terrain. Download the PDFs here to add some immersion to your cyberpunk tables.