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  • Bruteopolis Wave 4 - Design Notes + Black Friday Sale 25/11/2021

    Bruteopolis Terrain Wave 4 - Design Notes
    Hey guys! I thought I'd share some of the design philosophy behind the new release.

    The Bruteopolis Range has expanded with thirty 28-35mm new terrain kits. Brutalist inspired, the range so far aims to balance Scale, Flexibility, Gameplay, Durability and Simplicity.

    We also discuss the collaboration with Alex from 52 Miniatures for his new fantasy and sci-fi terrain table, and share some of his progress pics!

    Black Friday sale from Thursday 25/11/2021

  • New Kits Coming Soon + 52 Miniatures Collaboration video

    Hi everyone! New kits should be coming soon, within the next 2 weeks!

    Check out the video and project collaboration with Alex from 52 Miniatures! I'm very excited to see where Alex takes his idea for a flexible table that works for both fantasy and sci-fi settings. You can get a glimpse of the moody scenes and some of the new designs we shot on Monday!

  • Terrain Painting Competition Entries and Brutal Cities 1st Birthday Sale On Now!

    A gallery of Brutal Cities terrain entries to our recent competition. There's lots of varied and high quality work to inspire your next wargaming table!

    In other news, Brutal Cities has just about been trading for a year on the 30th of April. To celebrate you can can save on terrain with a 15% off store-wide sale, so don't miss out and pick up the buildings you've been eyeing off!

    (And yes, that means bundles are about 20% off!)

  • Brutal Cities Terrain Painting Competition - Submit entries by 31st March

    Paint a Brutal Cities terrain kit and send us pictures of your work via email, Instagram or Facebook messenger. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd best painted!

  • Brexit & Brutal Cities

    • -No shipping to the UK until our VAT registration is approved
    • -We will update you in the future
    • -Prices remain the same (Yay!)
    • -We are unlikely to be able to provide better savings to the UK than our standard 20% off actual shipping costs