Bruteopolis Plaza Tower Review and other news - Shipping to the UK to commence soon!

Hi Everyone,
Big thanks to Thomas from the Infinity Gamer for his lovely review of our biggest kit to date! Check out The Infinity Gamer on Instagram or Facebook to see Thomas's progress with painting this monolith. Check out the review video below.
(and by the way, we also have instructions for the Bruteopolis Plaza Tower kit finally over here)
I would just like to add, with this kit you can also simply use the roof module and plant deck as a separate building. It comes with a ladder, so you really get two large buildings!
In further news, I'm currently working on some flexible modular walls and some fortification kits designed to help you affordably get your Warhammer 40,000 tables up to scratch! Some samples are going out this week actually.
And what is a city without public transport infrastructure? Terrible!
So far we have a great bus stop, and I hope to whip up a subway entrance later this week.
For those in the UK, we will resume shipping soon! The VAT number has finally been granted after waiting basically all year. We will announce next week I hope.
For my personal projects, I'm going to start work on painting up the lovely minis for Wild In The Streets from the lovely guys at Slow Death Games.
Wild In The Streets is a simple fun a game with different subcultures brawling, basically. It will certainly be refreshing from painting kitted out military and sci-fi units, that's for sure. 
I haven't played a game yet, but as a big fan of Industrial and Goth music can't wait to paint them up! What do you think of these minis?
Goth Crew
The Metalhead gang
GG Allin!



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